Receive Expedient Care For Your Dental Emergencies

When it comes to your oral health, the need for emergency dental care is often overlooked. At Apple Dental in Surrey, we’re committed to providing quality emergency dental services as soon as we possibly can. If you’re experiencing an oral emergency, call us now!

Why is emergency dental care so important?

Dental emergencies may require a procedure that cannot wait until regular office hours, whether it be a broken or chipped tooth, severe toothache, lost filling or crown, jaw pain or swelling, gum infection, and more. The sooner you seek treatment, the better, as this can help to prevent further damage and/or discomfort.

Examples of emergency dental procedures include:

  • Replacing or repairing a tooth that has been knocked out.
  • Addressing severe toothache pain.
  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth.
  • Caring for sports-related oral injuries.
  • And more!

What are the benefits of emergency dental care?

The benefits of emergency dental care can be immense. Emergency treatments have the potential to prevent further damage, reduce pain and discomfort, restore your smile, and protect your oral health.

What should I do until my emergency is cared for?

After you've contacted our team, you can take a pain reliever and apply a cold compress to the affected area until you're able to see us for treatment. For a tooth that's been knocked out, try to place it back in the socket or keep it moist with milk and bring it with you. For a cracked, broken, or fractured tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

If you are experiencing any kind of dental emergency or would like more information about what constitutes a dental emergency, contact us now!

Dental Emergency Care Surrey BC

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  • Reduce pain and discomfort levels
  • Prevent further damage
  • Improve your general health
  • Address emergencies immediately
  • Restore your broken smile!

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