Wisdom Teeth Extraction Can Help Protect And Maintain Your Smile

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last four adult teeth to emerge in the back of the mouth. And while some people will have these teeth appear without issues, many will experience problems with their teeth becoming impacted, which can lead to infections, cysts, and more.

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How can wisdom teeth removal benefit your smile?

Wisdom teeth removal can prevent a number of dental complications, including decay, infections, and other problems that can occur in the surrounding tissues. Removing these teeth can also protect tooth alignment while making it easier to clean and care for the rest of your teeth.

Who needs their wisdom teeth removed?

If you have impacted or in-grown wisdom teeth, you’re likely to be a candidate for extraction. That said, our team would be happy to examine your mouth and make a recommendation based on your unique needs!

How should someone care for their mouth following this procedure?

While our team will provide you with a list of detailed instructions, it's important to note that patients should avoid strenuous activities following the procedure and consume soft foods until the area has fully healed. In addition, you should gently brush and floss your other teeth while caring for the extraction site as instructed.

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  • Prevent infections and tooth decay
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Maintain proper tooth alignment
  • Avoid future complications
  • Maintain good oral health!

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